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Xiao started her dance training at the age of 6 at The Xiao Du Juan School of Arts in Hunan, China. In 2010, She moved to Hong Kong to start her contemporary dance training at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. As an artist, She is always open-minded, avant-garde, improvising and unconventional, She brings an introspective artistic eye to her audiences.  In 2014, She was on full scholarship for Biblioteca Do Corpo Dance Project in Vienna, in 2015, She was selected by Italian spellbound contemporary ballet company for the summer intensive course. Having received professional performing education at HKAPA, Sarah has been actively involved in a number of collaborations with artists, both visual and musical. The artists and groups she has corporated with include Ismael Ivo(Brazil), Sang jijia(China), Laura Aris Alvarez (Spain), Kate March( America), Sascia Pellegrini(Italy),Craig Pepples(America), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Modern Academy, Hong Kong Zheng Music Thomas Sandfield.


Sarah (CN) & Sascia Pellegrini (IT)

The research will focuse on exploration on dichotomies. In the Greek language, ‘dichotomies’ connotes the fact that everything must belong to one part or the other, nothing can simultaneously belong to both parts. Two artists will work on opposites to develop relations between body/sound/dance/music, stillness with motion, chaos with order, contraction with extension. This research is also a further developement of their previous collaboration in 2015.



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