The 4th Hong Kong Choreography Festival (HKICF) will be held on 27-29 June 2019, at Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre.

Over three evenings, there will be a short and long performances by all the resident artists who have been part of the HKICAROS as well as master teachers who will bring their productions to the festival.


The (HKICF) Hong Kong International Choreography Festival is modelled specifically after the residency (HKICAROS) so as to give more opportunities to local and international artists living and working in Hong Kong by interacting and working with international artists from across the world.

So far the HKICF has invited great dance artists and choreographers to perform their productions: Roberto Olivan, Edivaldo Ernesto, Judith Sanchez, Alexandra Waierstall, Sasha Roubicek, Jose Agudo, Bodhi Project SEAD, Aura Dance Theatre, Jukstapoz Dance Company, Andrea Pena & Artists amongst others.

For the 4th edition we will offer another great benefit to all artists involved in the residency HKICAROS and perform their production at the festival HKICF.

Wishing to support and nurture the local dance community thus Unity Space offers 2 performance prices of 5000 HKD and 3000 HKD respectively. The nomination will be selected by an arts committee who will evaluate the process of the artists and their performances. The arts committee members will be announced soon.

伊卡洛斯住場計劃(HKICAROS)概念來自希臘神話。穿上蜜蠟翅膀的伊卡洛斯,逃出迷宮。但因為飛得太接近太陽,令翅膀的蜜蠟熔化,而墮落海洋。本計畫和香港國際編舞節(HKICF)希望提供平台給本港年青藝術工作者和海外藝術家在自己的藝術創作內自由飛翔冒險,同時也是一個無顧慮的演出空間,讓他們日後可以持續發展。經過HKICAROS 的實驗、嘗試、國際交流和集體創作後,自不同國家的住場藝術工作者會在HKICF分享創作成果。


To bridge the gap between student-dependent life and professional-independent life with mentoring, feedbacks and a constructive support so as for the young artists to reach high in their careers.

To offer a high standards platform and the safe space where artists can freely present and perform their new choreographic productions in HK.

To define borders and limitation, to bypass them and liberate ourselves from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in life and career.

To co-create within the subjects of dance, performance, choreography, music & voice so as to support and spread interdisciplinary, collective and holistic education across the globe.

To allow authentic feelings and emotions, inner sensations and intuitive creative processes to unearth within the young artists and truthfully voice themselves through dance and performance.

To present to the public the new young generations, the new artists who have a lot to voice and offer to the community of HK and abroad.

To develop and enhance creativity, perception, awareness, consciousness and moreover to entertain the public and develop the living standards by raising awareness, understanding and communication.


Festival Date: 27 – 29 JUNE, 2019

Festival Venue: Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre, Hong Kong

Presented by: Unity Space | www.unityspace.org

Sponsors: City Contemporary Dance Company – Dance Centre (CCDC),  Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA)

Supported Partners: Lan Kwai Fong, V54, Movin’ Grid, IZEN, UFE, EATOLOGY, Genie, Vignerons & Co, PERONI

Media Partners: HK Dance Alliance, ART MAP, art plus

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