Sascia Pellegrini was born a piano player, grew into a pianist/composer and is now maturing as a percussionist and performer/composer. He researches improvised and written music with a special interest in the perception of the act of performance and the deeper implications of musical thinking. He often leads workshops on these themes in universities and music schools for composers, instrumentalists and performers. In his musical research, Sascia combines compositions for, among others, live electronics, visuals and percussion. He has written music for various ensembles and has developed choreography and visual works often in collaboration with dancers and other media artists.

As a percussionist/composer he has performed extensively in Italy, France, Germany, China, Japan and in his place of residence, Hong Kong. He has performed in Concert Halls, Theaters, Art Galleries and Art Spaces, primarily as soloist and composer. He was trained in percussion and composition at the Italian Conservatory ‘G.Puccini’ in La Spezia and he joined percussion, composition and conducting classes at IRCAM in Paris. In the course of these studies he has met, learned from and shared ideas with a variety of stimulating composers and performers.



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