The 5th Hong Kong International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability (HKICAROS), is taking place from the MAY to JUNE 2020 where local and international artists will be able to collaborate, interact, exchange and share their creative process.

For the 5th edition we will offer another great benefit to all artists involved in the residency HKICAROS and perform their production at the festival 5th HKICF.

由合一空間(Unity Space)主辦的「香港國際編舞節」 (Hong Kong International Choreography Festival, HKICF),今年已經踏入第五年。 當中《伊卡洛斯駐場計劃》(Hong Kong International Collective Artists in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability, HKICAROS)也已經在5月展開, 演出部分則安排了於6月三天一如既往在上環文娛中心劇院進行。


The name ‘ICAROS’ is taken from the Greek Myth named Daedalus and Icarus (the name here is spelled little different for the purposes of the residency project).

The Myth says that Daedalus managed to create gigantic wings, using branches of osier and connected them with wax to escape with his son Icarus from a labyrinth. Icarus being excited flew too close to the sun, which caused the wings to melt, and fell into the sea and drowned. The Icarian Sea, where he fell, was named after him and there is also a nearby small island called Icaria.

計劃名稱「伊卡洛斯」是來自希臘神話中的代達羅斯和伊卡洛斯的故事。(計劃的英文拼法與Icarus並不刻意相同。) 代達羅斯為逃離迷宮,製作了一雙用蜜蠟做成的翅膀。他的兒子伊卡洛斯因飛得太高,翅膀的蜜蠟被太陽熔化,墮落海中。此海洋後來命名為伊卡洛斯。附近也有一小島因此而名為伊卡洛亞島。

Taking this Myth in a metaphoric manner, the residency will offer a substantial support and will foster young artists and more professional ones, to ‘fly’ safe to their new and grown up careers. All artists will be offered free mentoring, rehearsal space, promotion and theatre for performances so as to support and promote their works throughout the whole residency and festival.

This opportunity will provide the meeting point and the safe space where international artists can work together with local artists and co-create in a collective spirit in an international and national spectrum.


Objectives | 目標

  • To offer a high standards platform and the safe space where artists can freely create and express their ideas and views about the nowadays choreography and dance scene in HK and abroad.
  • To bridge the gap between student-dependent life and professional-independent life with mentoring, feedbacks and a constructive support so as for the young artists to reach high in their careers, and the more established artists to develop more.
  • To allow authentic feelings and emotions, inner sensations and intuitive creative processes to unearth within the young artists and truthfully voice themselves through dance and performance.
  • To define borders and limitation, to bypass them and liberate ourselves from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in our careers.
  • To co-create within the subjects of dance, performing arts, choreography, music & voice so as to support and spread interdisciplinary, collective and holistic education across the globe.
  • To introduce new pedagogical methodologies for interdisciplinary edifying projects, festivals, workshops and teachings that are applicable and reachable to young artists as well as more established and professional ones.
  • To create an environment of sustainability and growth for young and more established dance artists.

  • 提供一個有質素,而且是一個無顧慮安全的平台,給藝術家自由表達,對當今編舞的看法;以及對香港和海外舞蹈界的認識。
  • 為舞蹈學生和專業舞蹈者作橋樑,提供指導、意見和支持,使青年藝術家可以更上一層樓。
  • 讓青年藝術家在跳舞和演出中,發掘自己真正真實的聲音和想法。創作過程容納真緻的情感,內心的感覺和直覺。
  • 辨認自己的界限和限制,嘗試穿越障礙,並從中釋放自己,繼續前進。
  • 共同創作以舞蹈、表演藝術、編舞、音樂和聲音為主題的藝術,支持和推廣國際間的跨界別,集體和整全教育的合作。
  • 為跨界別計劃、藝術節、工作坊和教育指導,提供新的方法;並為青年藝術家和資深藝術家所適用的。
  • 为年轻和更成熟的舞蹈艺术家创造可持续发展和增长的环境。


5th HKICAROS Artists in Residency Date: MAY – JUNE 2020
Performance at 5th HKICF: 15 – 19 JUNE 2020
Performance Venue: ArtisTree Taikoo Place & Kowloon Union Church
Presented by: Unity Space |
Registration Fee: 3900HKD

Unity Space offers:

  • Rehearsal-studio space
  • Morning master company classes
  • Master workshops
  • Mentoring by master teachers
  • Publication of your production
  • Lighting and stage design assistance
  • A performance at ArtisTree for the festival 5th HKICF.
  • Accommodation for International Artists at V54

*For this year we accept applications for group works up to 4 artists. Each artist will need to pay the same fee as stated above.

The registration fee does not include:

  • Flights to and from HK
  • All the transportation fees during the residency (including the transportation from the air port to the residency)
  • Food during the residency period (There will be a kitchen in accommodations: V54)
  • All the other possible expenses other than what is stated under “Unity Space Offers”

How to Apply:

Send your CV and motivation letter with links of your past works and stating your possible choreographic idea for research and development during the residency HKICAROS to

This is a collective artists in residency so any artist can perform and participate in the productions of the others as well as create their own choreographies!

Application Deadline: Application for 5th HKICF is now CLOSED.

HKICAROS has not yet received funding or any sponsorship so as to offer greater support to local and international artists. We request the amount of 3700 HKD per artist which can cover partially some basic expenses. Vangelis Legakis and Unity Space self-fund the residency HKICAROS and festival HKICF to offer more opportunities to young artists in HK and abroad.

Wishing to support and nurture the local dance community thus Unity Space offers 2 performance prices of 5000 HKD and 3000 HKD respectively. The nomination will be selected by an arts committee who will evaluate the process of the artists and their performances. The arts committee members will be announced soon.

Scholarships for HK Local Artsists

Legakis is aware of how hard it is to survive as an artist in HK, thus he and Unity Space for the 3rd edition, offer 3 scholarships to local artists in HK. The scholarships are for a solo production, a duet, and a group piece up to 4 artists. The terms and conditions are that the artists will be offered all benefits of the residency HKICAROS & HKICF apart from participating to the master workshops and morning classes free of charge. The artists can coordinate their schedule accordingly to their everyday commitments of work so as to make the most out of the residency and festival. By having the right communication we can co-create the right schedule that can benefit all artists, local and international.

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