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Originally from Belgium, Laura started training in Rhythmic gymnastics at a very young age. She started studying dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) where she achieved a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance.

Laura worked with Ace Dance and Music, Shobana Jeyasingh, Coda DanceTheatre, Keneish Dance Theatre, Motionhouse, Rutherford Dance Company, Room 2 Manoeuvre. She now working closely with Sonia Sabri Company  and Autin Dance Theatre. Laura got funded from Art Council England for here first R&D in 2013, then in 2014 she set up here own Dance company Vanhulle Dance Theatre, where she got funded once again successfully from Art Council of England to create a full production “Angles In Life” in which she collaborated with Mickael Marso Riviere and Nicolas Vlasyslav. She has recently started her new choreographic work “Infinite Womanhood” which was first researched at the 1st Dance and Nature project in Tenerife and a small extract was performed at Victoria Theatre in Santa Cruz.

She is a recognised Artist who has a great reputation teaching in UK, teaching at recognised organisations like DanceXchange. Laura is also a qualified Personal Trainer and uses a lot of yoga techniques in here movement style.


Vanhulle Dance Theatre – Infinite Womanhood

“Infinite Womanhood” is a piece about the woman: her individuality and her sexuality. Often female sexuality is being misperceived in society and it either becomes something vulgar or it is something bad. However being comfortable with your natural female beauty and using it is not a bad thing: it’s our strength. In the same way our female emotions are something that can often be seen as a weakness, but these are also a strength. Conversely what is the woman’s strength is often a man’s weakness in the gender ying and yang scenario. So they make our strength something it does not suppose to be.

Through my piece I am aiming to empower women and celebrate the female beauty, strength, sensuality and emotions. It’s a piece that wants to send this positive message to all individual woman from different cultures and backgrounds. Extract of the research and development Link.



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