“I create to share and let the audience to recreate their own story.”

Bobbi spent a great seven years in Singapore as Senior Dancer in contemporary dance company The Arts Fission Company (2004-2011), with whom she toured internationally and performed various memorable roles. She is also actively involved in several arts outreach programs such as Community project for low-income at risk Youth (Singapore), Arts Appreciation workshop with the senior citizen; Art Education Program in School as well as other social and cultural organizations with the company in Singapore.

Bobbi later completed an MFA in Choreography at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2015. Now based in Hong Kong and working as an independent performing artist, Bobbi has been developing and searching for her own artistic voice as an Asian contemporary artist. She has enjoyed collaborating with filmmakers, visual artists, architects, composers, scientists and various media artists.

Her creative works are Tabula Bursa (2010), under NUS Dance Festival Singapore, Connect and Detect (2012), a commissioned work by the Singapore Contact Dance Festival, collaborative productions Sky of Nepal (2013), Du-The Cycle of Life (2013), The Act of Memory (2014), dance film The Post Modern Aunt (2014), What if (2015), Voices, the Artist an Mentor (2015) and Being Mortal (2015) to name a few. Bobbi has also performed in several independent as well as dance films as they help enrich her performative quality as artist.


Intersections Voices, the Artist & Mentor (Working Title)

Intersections Voices, the Artist & Mentor is a work about a personal artistic journey. It is a duet through a series of conversations within and without. It evolves from a prior contrived and prescribed role into a unknown altered state. This dance work explores the apprehensive search for artistic identity as well as individual appeasement.



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