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Meleat grew up in Sweden and enjoyed performing on a regular basis from a young age and has trained ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz and street dance through her young life. She moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2011 to study at the Danish National School of Arts, from which she graduated in 2015.

Shortly after she and 9 other dancers established the studio-collective DANSEatelier. With a vision (and as a method) to create continuity, shared authorship and exploring practices around dance and choreography.  With the piece “techtonics”, which has been performed different places in Copenhagen and the re-occurring event Performance Feast; evenings of performances, food, bar and DJs, DANSEatelier is now a well known voice in the Copenhagen Dance Scene.

Meleats personal work is focused on rhythms, improvisation and speed. She has worked a lot with open structured improvisation as a way to investigate how the body and mind can be (un)aware of choices in a wider spectra; how to create a choice and use it, recognizing it as only being one of endless possibilities. It’s not to say anything goes but a way of saying that anything can be grasped.

At the moment Meleat is working with Francesco Scavetta and Wee Company in the new piece Lost Accidentally.



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