Liang Guanhao, an intern dancer of GOOD Dance Centre, started learning taekwondo in 2009, and contemporary dance from 2013. Liang is a student now, majored in choreography in dance college of Guangxi Arts University.

In mid 2016 he was invited to participate at the “Summer Intensive” of Guangdong Modern Dance Company, studied physical technique from Judith Sânchez Ruíz, Edivaldo Emesto in “Advanced Research” workshop, and performed in “Chore-Lab and Improvisation” performance.

Late 2016 he presented solo Lighthouse at “2016 Hummingbird Youth Dance Festival”, and wan silver award, whereas in January 2017 he participated in “Physical Limitation” workshop and studied from Shi Xuan and Zhou Niannian from Germany. Later in 2017 he was invited to perform in “Nobody Here” as a dancer, it is a contemporary dance exhibition in Nanning.



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