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Grad is Freelance worker, Butoh dancer, Playback performer. Nomination of best actor of Little Theatre Festival in 2015. He started to practise Playback Theatre in 1997, and further experiment its artistic form as Moment Theatre Playback in 2007. He organize Hong Kong Butoh Festival for three successive years. He performed Moment Theatre Playback in Taipei Fringe Festival 2013. Recent performances: Cinematictheatre (My Luxurious 50 sqft Life and The Quarantine Station). Butoh (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio/ Liao Zhai Zhi Yi). No Man’s Land (Man, Chair and Turtle, The Two or Three Ways of Making Love Around Sunset and Miss Margarida’s Way). Performances in Hong Kong and Beijing : Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society (The Life and Times of Wu Zhong Xian). Well Drama Club (Playback Theatre). Shi Jun‧Hoi Chiu (The Ullambana Festival). E- Run Production (Huang Hu, Salome E-Run Version and The Murder of Salad). Onandon (The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat and Directors’ Laboratory). Film of Ann Hui (Ordinary Heroes). Film of Chan Yiu Shing (The Life and Times of Wu Zhong Xin), etc.

He devotes in theatre education and engages with NGOs and schools in all sorts of theatre and performing programmes. They include, theatre rehearsals, training in performing arts, Butoh, Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre, Theatresports, Improvisation, mask and puppet making.



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