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Jethro started his contemporary dance career with Airdance, as part of the company’s competing delegation of a national modern dance competition in 2004 and has performed with company for several festivals, expos and shows in the Philippines and overseas. He was a recipient of the DanceWeb European Scholarship for Contemporary Dance in 2006 held in Vienna. Upon his return, he became Airdance’s resident dance teacher and choreographer. He was part of the 5th Asia-Europe Dance Forum Pointe to Point held in Beijing and Guizhou, China in 2007, as an artist in residence. He left the contemporary dance scene in Manila to work for Disney in 2008 and has been working in Hong Kong until the time being. This change of environment had led him to explore the possibilities of dance/movement/performance outside the confined space of a studio and exclusivity of a company.


Marah Arcilla (PH/HK) & Jethro Pioquinto (PH/HK)

The piece confronts audience with choices that encourage them to take a more active role of relating or identifying with the performance. What happens when other elements besides movements are altered on site? At what significance or relevance do they affect the audience sense perception?



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