BODHI PROJECT is a showcase for new choreographic voices in the international contemporary dance scene. The choreographers are specifically selected for their varied approaches to choreography. The repertory is stylistically diversified. During the last years, the company has worked with Nigel Charnock, Martin Nachbar, Zoë Knights, Maya Lipsker, Matija Ferlin, Anton Lachky, Jozef Frucek, Linda Kapetanea, Magdalena Reiter, Matej Kejzar, Diego Gil, Jelka Milic, Robert Clark, Stella Zannou, Marco Torrice, Bostjan Antoncic, Moya Michael, Étienne Guilloteau, Eldad Ben Sasson, Jukstapoz / Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman, Jarkko Mandelin (FIN), Cecilia Bengolea (ARG/FRA) and Lali Ayguade (ESP) and Sita Ostheimer and toured the newest works of the repertory throughout Europe and internationally.


Choreography | Lali Ayguadé (Spain)
Perfomance | Felix Urbina Alejandre, Christina Fores Hitt,
Mate Horvath, Ruby Frances Jones, Luca Kancso, Tilly Sordat
Rehearsal director | Maja Poturovic

Production | SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance & Blackmountain association


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