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AURA is the only one municipal theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania and one of a very few companies of contemporary dance in Lithuania that shows the skills of the professional dance. Artistic director Birute Letukaite and the dancers of the company dedicate themselves to modern dance and its traditions, which are tightly associated with such outstanding figures as pioneers of expressive dance in Lithuania Danute Nasvytyte and her follower was a student of Kira Daujotaite in the Dance Company “Sonata”. Birute Letukaite spent ten years in the company where she learned the skills of expressive dance.

AURA took part in various international events, represented Lithuania’s modern dance in 27 foreign countries (Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Canada, France, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany etc.), performed at more than 162 festivals.

AURA has about 50 city, national and international awards, also received excellent feedback from both domestic and foreign press. In 2006 Birute Letukaite was awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the choreography of performance “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs” and in 2008 she became a government cultural and artistic prize winner. 2013 Birute Letukaite has got the second Golden Stage Cross for the significant input to the contemporary Lithuanian dance art and Kaunas city Culture and Art award.


Choreography | Vangelis Legakis
Performance | Chen Mei, Jasper Narvaez, Marine Fernandez, Blake Seidel, Matthew Livingstone, Julija Mintautė, Evgenii Kalachev, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino and Eric Zarcone
Music | Antanas Janeska
Lighting Design | Vangelis Legakis
Costume Design | Kristina Sviderskaitė
Production supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Why do we encounter certain people and not any other?
A performance portraying different aspects of relationships that we built in our life.
The people we encounter in our lives have a certain importance, there is a reason why we meet those people and not others. What we make out of each relationship is a learning process not only for our minds and hearts, but also for our soul.



Choreography | Birute Letukaite (Lithuania)

Perfomance | Chen Mei, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino, Erik Zarcone, Marine Fernandez, Julija Mintautė

What is the importance of history to any individual? How does the past shape our identity? “Godos”, considered to be a Lithuanian feminine narrative, takes one of the starting points in this double bill dance performance. Godos is an old Lithuanian word that is usually defined as wistful dreams, hopes, nostalgic thoughts and unfulfilled expectations. What does Godos mean today and how do we experience Godos?

“GODOS: a dance theatre co-production and its dissemination in Lithuanian and Norwegian regions” is the international project between Kaunas Dance Theatre AURA (Lithuania) and Panta Rei Danseteater (Norway) that consists of the contemporary dance co-production and dance education/audience development activities in three Lithuanian and two Norwegian regions. The project is funded under the Programme “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European
Cultural Heritage” of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism of 2009-2014.


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