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About the Company

Unicorn Dance was founded in 2014 by choreographer Đỗ Hải Anh who is well known in many career in dance including performing, choreographing, directing, producing and dance teaching in Vietnam . We focus mostly on contemporary & neo classical ballet dance. Unicorn is known as a company that self – organizes both art and commercial dance shows in Vietnam. Over the years, we dedicated to providing young local dancers the opportunity to perform in Vietnam & Intentional, while encouraging appreciation for the fine arts and cultural pride in the community.
We also have Unicorn Dance center for dance students & kids who looking for a professional education and joyful experience in dance.
Unicorn also website www.muavietnam.com & www.facebook.com/muavietnam – The biggest website for dance community in Vietnam.


“Yên Lam – Peaceful Blue”

Performance Date: 29 June 2019 (Program #3)

Choreographer: Đỗ Hải Anh 
Lý Ngọc Đình
Hà Lộc
Như Ý

[About the Performance

Đô Hải Anh and her dance company Unicorn Art Co., Ltd is proud to present ‘Yên Lam’ dance performance which is the combination of contemporary dance & Vietnamese traditional dance, the show offers guests an opportunity for involvement, exposure and action in our community and culture through the art of dance.
Unicorn invite guests and art lovers to be taken on this unique journey that will evoke emotional connections, memories and share experiences by stimulating all senses.



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