Born in Italy, Roberta works as  dancer, and choreographer. She studied in Milano at the «Scuola del  Teatro alla Scala» and in Stuttgart at the «John Cranko Schule». Then, she has been working at the Vienna State Opera, Leipziger Opera and Ater Balletto.

Between 2000 and 2013, Roberta worked within the Frankfurt Ballett and the Forsythe Company, creating in collaboration with William Forsythe and all the dancers of the company the dance pieces of the repertoire.

Roberta collaborates with few international artists, working on several interdisciplinary projects such  as “ If I had known it would come to this”, dance piece in collaboration with David Kern, Timan O’ Donnel and Cyril Baldi, “Newdismo” dance piece with David Kern, “Solo with R perspective(s)” and “Soli” in collaboration with Laurent Chétouane and Ioannis Mandafounis , “Asingeline” and “Garden State” in collaboration with the art collective MAMAZA. “SUB” with MK,  “Osip Mandelstam. a performance” a creation with Ioannis Mandafounis, Elena Giannotti, Bruce Myers.

Here some of the places where these works are presented:

Theatre de la Bastille Paris, HAU Berlin, Acker stadt palast Berlin, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Biennale Venezia, ADC Ginevra, Kampnagel Hamburg, Live Arts Week Bologna, UOVO festival Milano, Crisalide Forlì, De Singel Antwerpen, Schauspielhaus Stuttgart, Kyoto University Art and Design.



MASTER WORKSHOP: Choreography | Improvisation – GROUND UP DANCE – COYOTE

DATE: 26 & 27 MARCH 09:30 – 17:30
FEE: 1500HKD


This workshop will be articulated on themes to be considered as foundations of creative choreographic style that will profer infinite possibilities .

Like in the study of drumming one learns the so called “rudiments” , in this dance choreographic work we will become familiar with simple elements that contain potentiality for complex movement compositions in relation to space and observation.

During the work we will consider the following themes:

  • directions in space, orientation, hints to map construction

  • relation between body parts and their position in space

  • geometry as supporting structure, traces, drawings

  • gravity, swings, falls

  • time management: to alternate and to experiment with pre-determined timings and with “spontaneous ones”

  • improvisation thought as organization of relations between available elements in real time, like for example road traffic

  • composition as choice of structures and creation of poetic atmospheres.



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