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Ioana Marchidan

Choreographer /  Performer / Artistic Director / President of DanceSpot NGO

Born in 1982 in Romania, Ioana is one on the most well known Romanian based performers, as for more than 15 years she has been working with established choreographers and theatre directors. While performing, Ioana likes to challenge herself in relationship with the problems of the world that surrounds her. While choreographing, Ioana likes to speak about contemporary feminism and the influence of education in the way women are perceived in SE Europe.

Ioana started her career as dancer for the National Opera House and Orion Ballet. Later on, she became one of the first members of Gigi Caciuleanu Romanian Dance Company, a collaborator of subsTANZ/Massimo Gerardi, Linotip Dance Company and Tangaj Collective. She has danced in pieces created by Ioana Macarie, Chris Simion and Dragos Galgotiu, showcased at The Place (UK), The 16th Keochang International Festival of Theatre (KR), Cairo Experimental Theatre Festival (EG), Aichi Worldwide Exhibition (JP), The Francophone Festival (AU, JO, IT, PT), Festival d’Avignon (FR). In 2013 she was one of the performers of “An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale” (Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmus, Venice Bienalle, IT).

Lately Ioana has started to choreograph her own dance pieces, based on a feminist view on the world, she likes to challenge herself with delicate topics that represent the political and social views on the world.

Her first show, ”Two Contemporary Women” is a feminist contemporary dance performance/show, inspired by the woman’s condition in today’s society.

“Reverse Discourse” (as part of an E-MOTIONAL Residency at Forum Dança Lisbon) – is a body politics in remembrance of the dictatorial impact of power on the bodies of generations of people.

“Stabat Mater” in collaboration with director Amalia Olaru, addressed in contemporary dance the story proposed by Pergolessi’s concert, Mary’s sufferance (Awarded Best Performance at Undercloud International Festival, RO).

She is the president of Dance Spot Association and Artistic Director at Linotip – Independent Choreography Centre, since 2016.

The Performace

Image Image


“In Reverse Discourse I wanted to provoke emotion without the mediation of eye contact. I wanted to challenge the public to recall their own experiences or those passed on from generation to generation, endlessly perpetuated by external factors, whether we are talking about people or the media. I used the body as a visual connection medium to an absurd dialogue. A bodily dialogue exposed in replicas with distinct temporalities, which almost never intersect. An organic dialogue that exposes the dominating-submissive perspectives in multiple hypostases that outline the past and the present. A somatic dialogue that animates the traumas stored in our collective and individual memory. A visceral dialogue about assuming power and exploiting it in predominantly dictatorial, manipulative directions.”
Ioana Marchidan – choreographer

“Reverse discourse” is what the title says. An inverted discourse. Depersonalised. Offered barefoot. Fragile. Intimate. A performance on body politics in which Ioana Marchidan shortens the collective bodily memory, identifying and bringing to the surface deep-rooted gestures, with the purpose of unraveling and decomposing them through a body slip into an abstract choreography. This cataloging and re-editing of the submission memory, the suppression and repression of the meanings of gestures, integrates the audience as a participant in the dialogue, as a submissive observer.

It is interesting to watch in this performance the micro body movement, before the gestures increase. The inventory of gestures comes as an oscillation between submission and oppression until the body no longer cares for the difference between the two and gets trapped in the energy of change between them.

Choosing to build the discourse in this form, a naked back in a space that ranges from dark halo to video projections, implies vulnerability. And the vulnerability implies an assumed fragility, which allows the focus of the message on the essence: the destructive force of the abuse of power.

The initial idea of ​​the project was developed by Ioana Marchidan and Hermina Stănciulescu, in 2018 within the EMOTIONAL creative residence – initiated by Cosmin Manolescu in Lisbon, in partnership with the Forum Dança, as part of a project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

VISUAL ARTIST: Hermina Stanciulescu

TIME: 19:30
VENUE: ArtisTree Taikoo Place


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