Li Sze Yeung, Justyne 李思颺


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Li graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Dance, Ballet and Modern Dance Stream. She is a former member of the Hong Kong Ballet and Tanz Graz (Austria), and was a soloist with Ballett Bremerhaven (Germany).  Li has established Neo Dance HK with Wong Tan Ki in 2010.Currently working as an independent dancer and choreographer.

Her recent choreographies/projects include: Soul Casting; Transfigured Night (Hong Kong Sinfonietta); Division (CDE Springboard 2017); Creative Meeting Point: HK x Finland (West Kowloon Cultural District); The Butcher (choreographer: Rex Cheng); Dance Internship II (I-Dance Festival 2016); Dance Internship I (Hong Kong Ballet); Human Internship; Trouble-maker’s Concerto; Galatea X; Present Absentee ( Little Breath); What’s the Matter (Hong Kong Arts Festival);  The 3.5th Dimension (City Contemporary Dance Company); Galatea &Pygmalion (Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010 & 2013).

<<Galatea X>> received the Hong Kong Dance Award 2014 for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer.

<<Galatea & Pygmalion>> received the Hong Kong Dance Award 2011 for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance. Li was also nominated for Outstanding Performance in the same year.


畢業於香港演藝學院舞蹈學院芭蕾及現代舞系。曾任香港芭蕾舞團及奧地利格拉茲舞蹈團成員,及巴馬海港舞團(德國)獨舞員。於2010年與王丹琦創辦舞團 Neo Dance HK.


近作/計劃包括: 凝體術; 藍月夜 (香港小交響樂團); 分割 (『舞.當』2017);「國際創意交流──香港x芬蘭」(西九文化區); 《庖丁》身體研習舞蹈演出 (編舞: 程偉彬); 見習舞者2 (I-Dance Festival 2016) ;見習舞者1 (香港芭蕾舞團); 見習人類; 煩人協奏曲 (香港藝術節2015); Galatea X; 靜默. 邊境族 (小息工作室) ; What’s the Matter? (香港藝術節2013); 第三.五次元 (城市當代舞蹈團 脫衣秀2012);「舞蹈新鮮人」系列Galatea & Passenger;Galatea & Pygmalion (香港舞蹈節2010及2013)。

作品 Galatea X 獲得2014香港舞蹈年獎最值得表揚編舞, 及最值得表揚女舞蹈員獎項。

作品 Galatea & Pygmalion 獲得2011香港舞蹈年獎最值得表揚獨立製作, 及獲提名最值得表揚女舞蹈員獎項。


The Shift 地心

Performance Date: 27 June 2019 (Program #1)

Choreography & Performance: Li Sze Yeung, Justyne 李思颺

Music: Chaconne in D minor (piano transcription)
Composer: J.S. Bach – Violin Partita no. 2
Pianist: James Rhodes

[About the performance]

The human being surrenders to the breath and pulse of Gaia, the mother earth, embracing the inevitable changes in the torrent of time.
echoes to recent social events in Hong Kong, which could be absurd, or sad, or beautiful…during this time of wonderful transformation of the city.



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