Kurt Dreyer studies classical and contemporary dance techniques, Tai chi Chuan, Alexander Technique and choreography in Lausanne and London. He is working since the early 70s as tutor at different music academies – Berne, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva and University of Bern – as well as a freelance pedagogue and guest teacher in Europe and Asia.

His work includes a great number of dance pieces, performances and stage directions – recently: “Limbolander” for Darmstadt and Wien Modern 2014; “Les Enfants de la Nuit” for HEM Genève 2015; “Scenic Carmina Burana” in Lucerne; “Diabelli Machines” for Orpheus Institute Gent 2016. His teaching includes Rhythmical bodywork, placement, stage orientated movement for musicians and singers, dance technique, improvisation and scenic structuring as well as choreography.


MASTER WORKSHOP: The body the instrument, movement the sound​

DATE: 20 & 21 MAY 09:30 – 12:30 & 14:30 – 17:30
FEE: 1500HKD


Performed by Workshop Participants

TIME: 19:30
VENUE: 5F Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre

MASTER WORKSHOP | The body the instrument, movement the sound​

Being trained in classical and contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and choreography Kurt Dreyer has within 50 years of teaching subsequently developed his very personal approach to movement and stage behaviour for dancers, singers and musicians. His teaching englobes body awareness, rhythmical body work, body structuring, movement technique, dance improvisation, dance analysis, dance composition and choreographic advice. The rhythmical body work is presented in form of cheerful interplays but provokes at same time an intensive, cleaning and clarifying influence on the brain functions.

This workshop focuses on gravitational body awareness, rhythmical independence of the limbs and preciseness of their interchange, musicality of the movement and a body relationship to space, time, energy, partner, group as well as many other possibilities. It evokes dance as a manifestation of energy and vitality featuring bodies in a swinging sounding game of interaction.

The workshop addresses dancers, musicians as well as any person who wants to gain more knowledge and skill in his rhythmical behaviour and scenic presence.


The term “Stage Project with people who love to move” stands for a scenic piece of about 20 minutes, whose performers are not necessary extensively trained in dance but love to move in all fashions of movement art and with their joy of movement in performance.

With the title “Let’s go!” is mentioned that everyone can be on the way to a new, maybe uncertain, perhaps completely different, but moving new future. This path is also the content of the five chapters: “sit – stand – go – break out – do!” A development from reduced movement sitting in place – to a hesitant standing – to rhythmized walking – to individual “excursions” – and the point of sharing a statement of vitality and entrepreneurship.

It should not become a throughout choreographed piece, but a series of structured improvisations in which the interaction plays an important role.


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