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Jukstapoz was founded in 2010 by Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman, based in Athens, Greece. Their ambition is to entertain the curiosity of audiences that have the tendency to observe the subnormal and appreciate the genre of Physical Dance Theatre, by means of an offbeat, cinematic approach.

Together they collaborate, tour and teach at several international platforms and have received commissions from Sadler’s Wells, Jasmin Vardimon Company (JV2), Athens Festival, Spider Festival, Bodhi Company, Dot504 Company, National Greek Orchestra and the Hellenic Dance Company just to name a few. Currently Gouzelis is the Artist in Residency at the Hong Kong Performing Arts Academy where some of her recent work ‘Fragile Matter’ has been nominated for Best Choreography and Best Ensemble piece. Some of their latest works that have been created this year  – ‘Alcestis’ (Greece), ’Echoing Woods'(Hong Kong), ‘Physical Jerks'(Czech Republic), ‘Savage Symphony'(Hong Kong), ‘Lucid’ (UK). www.jukstapoz.com


Concept & Direction – Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis
Created by – Aimilios Arapoglou, Konstandina Efthimiadou, Aëla Labbé, Paul Blackman, Christine Gouzelis
Performed by – Konstandina Efthimiadou, Paul Blackman, Christine Gouzelis
Scenography – Dimitris Nassiakos
Dramaturgy – Guy Bar Amotz
Sound design – Kostis Pavlopoulos
Research – Hatto Fischer
Rehearsal Director – Marilena Dara
Production Management – Poiein kai Prattein Organisation.

‘Vicious Cycle’ (of which Lucid is an extract) was created at Centrum Dans Jette (Brussels), Greek National School of Dance and the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. The production was funded by the Onassis Cultural Centre.



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