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Jeannine (Paramaribo 1979) started singing at the age of 7 with the SRIO children choir in Surinam and made singing/music her area of expertise throughout her studies and career.

In 2003 she received a Bachelors in singing at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. After which she travelled to Brazil to learn more about the Brazilian and music and language. Her multicultural interest took her to different parts of the world, where Jeannine played in world music bands. In 2012 she released her debut album ‘Pure Attention!’

Besides singing she also acted in different big musicals and theater shows: Hair, Mary Poppins, Impact, Daddy Cool, Soul of Motown, Jesus Christ Super Star.

Jeannine is a Master Teacher in the EVT (Estill Voice Training System). A scientifically proven vocal technique which trains people to use their voice more fully, and in a healthy manner. She has traveled to different countries to give EVT Master classes and Workshops.



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