Born in Athens, Greece and raised in Zante Island, Dionysios Alamanos started his education at the School of Music and Arts of the Ionian Islands at a young age.

He began experimenting with various styles of street dance and alongside his own research on movement, he studied at the National School of Dance, Greece. As a freelancer, he has collaborated with Hellenic Dance Company both as a dancer and an assistant choreographer for Anton Lachky’s in ‘’No more Fairytales’’ and has also performed an excerpt of Akram Khan’s ‘’Vertical Road’’. Furthermore, he has worked with Cocoon Dance Company. He is currently touring with Akram Khan Company and Sue Buckmaster’s production ‘’Chotto Desh’’.

Ιn 2016 in collaboration with Danae Dimitriadi he created his first piece ‘’Uncia’’ which has been performed in theatres and festival until today and is now on development for a full-evening version.



Born in Athens, Greece, and graduated from the State School of Dance, Danae danced s a member of Hellenic Dance Company for the production ‘’Open Frontiers’’ at the Athens Concert Hall and at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival choreographies by Akram Khan, Anton Lachky and Martha Graham. In 2014 she also took part in ‘’Panorama’’ which was presented at the New York City Hall and at Odeon Herodes Atticus in cooperation with Martha Graham Dance Company. Furthermore, Danae has been taught repertories such as ‘’Kaash’’ and ‘’iTMOi’’ in London. During 2016 and 2017, she joined the company ZfinMalta Ensemble.

In 2016 she choreographed her first production ‘’Uncia’, a ten-minutes duet with Dionysios Alamanos which toured around Greece for several festivals and recently had its European premiere in Berlin. “Uncia” is now in development for its full-evening version.







DATE: 25&26/6/2019 7:00 – 9:30pm
VENUE: CCDC Dance Centre Studio 3 (110 Shatin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin
FEE: 750 HKD (2 Days)
Students & Artists Discount: 500 HKD
*20% Discount if you book more than 2 workshops*

We’ll start warming up bringing the center closer to the ground, building stamina and balance to find the explosiveness of the legs with repetitions of movement combinations that get each time more complex. We’ll then cross the space with material inspired by animals to strengthen the upper body and focus on inverted positions. Before learning combinations, we’ll allow some time to work on rhythmical patterns, starting from the feet and expanding to the rest of the body. The combinations afterwards will train the body memory, musicality and use of space, focusing on movement dynamics and qualities, before we close the class for a final relaxation.

The objective of the workshop is to explore alternative shapes and movements combining different techniques to develop a vocabulary rich in dynamics and reach the body’s boundaries in terms of speed and stamina. We want to work in a way so the body gets stronger but also finds its way to heal itself.


Choreographed & Performed by Dionysios Alamanos & Danae Dimitriadi
DATE: 29/6/2019
TIME: 7:30pm
VENUE: 5F Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre

“In ATMA, man and animal merge in a constantly shape-shifting organism, that tells stories about survival, vulnerability, and the primal urge to dominate. ATMA is a demonstration of the human race’s behavior towards its environment, along with the painful reality of humans exploiting the Earth. The artists recreate the metamorphosis of a beetle, the wisdom of a sacred elephant, ancient totem animals used for shamanism, and a snow leopard (Panthera uncia) coming to life by the Chinese martial art Wing Chun. The leopard first seen chasing its prey for dinner is later shown as the prey of a hunter chasing it for the trophy he can hang on his wall later. Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos are taking us to a dream-like space where the human superiority over animals does not exist.” (…extract from onedanceweek.com)

‘’Atma’’ creates a dream-like world where animals and humans become one and have the ability to constantly change forms.

Nowadays people are cut off from their apperceptions and instincts which results in ignoring fundamental relationships such as those which link us with nature and the rest of living beings. We are told and manipulated on how to act and how to structure our lives; taking a step back to connect with what we need suddenly becomes a huge challenge. Our priorities have changed in such a drastic way that we do not have anymore the space and the time to reach what always brings us peace.

As creators then, Danae and Dionysios feel the urge and need to – as a first stage – mold and share a world in which the alteration of roles is not something distant and strange, where speciesism does not exist; as a second stage they will investigate how to reflect all the pain the human kind is causing to the Earth, its beings and – no matter how paradoxal
it may be considered – to ourselves. If there is something to admire in animals it’s at least their pureness and simplicity.



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