Christian et François Ben Aïm (France)

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Photo Credit: Patrick Berger & Ben Zank

The Company

The Ben Aïm brothers are dancer-choreographers who have developed a rich body of work consisting of some twenty original productions during their twenty-year partnership, strengthened by collaborations with other artists from diverse backgrounds.

Their story reads like a ploughed furrow, dug with the expertise of field workers liaising with performance spaces and communities.

-Stand Out Pieces-

In 1997, the brothers created their cornerstone piece: A l’ abri du regard des hommes, avant d’aller mourir ailleurs, a hybrid performance in which dancers and actors share and feed off each other’s raw physical energy. La Frontera and Ne vous fiez pas au titre, il peut encore changer followed in the same vein, showcasing a style of dance that blends subtle humour with elements of surprise.

Other signature pieces include the diptych inspired by the work of Bernard-Marie Koltès, Carcasses, un oeil pour deux and En plein coeur, whose original scenography and music resonate with the playwright’s text. L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) plays fully on the intersection of different disciplines, while Valse en trois temps flirts with minimalism. La légèreté des tempêtes (2014), Peuplé, dépeuplé (2016) and Brûlent nos coeurs insoumis (2017) all confirm the essential part live music plays in their work, by bringing together dancers and musicians on stage to perform original compositions.

In November 2018 they will present their second piece for young audiences, Mirages — Les âmes boréales (Mirages – Boreal Souls). This year also sees the start of the project Instantanés (Snapshots), a series of female solos, which will continue to be produced until 2022: brief, intimate portraits, light forms that can exist independently or be freely grouped together to create a mosaic with multiple entry points and combinations.

Arise (2019) will be performed at the invitation of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux (National Monuments Centre) for its Monuments in Movement event.


A workshop on the process of their production ARISE

DATE: 16 JUNE 2020
TIME: 16:30 – 18:30
BOOKINGS: [email protected]


The Performace

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Photo Credit: Inka & Nidas

This impromptu dance and musical piece is an opportunity for Christian and François Ben Aïm to combine two distinct aspects of their work: on the one hand their love of in situ and site specific pieces, many of which the company has produced during their multiple residencies, and on the other their interest in the concepts of singularity and otherness.

Arise is a thoughtful exploration of the notions of loneliness and elevation. The result is a poetic performance of restraint that effectively reveals what is most alive in each of us. It addresses the idea of the sacred in an approach that oscillates between religious and profane.

Fundamentally evolutionary and evolving, the piece resonates intimately with the performance venues, moulding itself on the spaces, whether sacred or unusual.

TIME: 19:30
VENUE: Kowloon Union Church

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