Ma Ni is from Jilin province of China. She graduated from the Jilin College of the Arts in 2007, majoring in dance choreography. Upon graduation, she joined the Heng Dian World Studios – known as the Eastern Hollywood and fulfilled a number of duties in dance choreography, arts programming and management. During her eight years’ working in the organization, she was assigned to lead for more than a hundred productions of different scales, two of which were evaluated as the China’s top 10 most influential tourism shows.

In 2016, she decided to further her education and therefore enrolled into the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with desires to continue enhance her artistic creativity and choreography skills. During her two years of studies at the Academy, she has been involved in a number of productions and worked collaboratively with students from different disciplines.

Looking to the future, she is more determined and aimed higher for more achievements.


Performed by: Joanie Chow Suet Yu, JP Hon Wing Yi, Athena LEUNG,  Michael Tong, Jennifer Tai Hong Man
Music | “Prolog” Composer: Zbigniew Preisner, “Radicon” Composer: Bocksholm, “Di Da” Composer: Penny Tai
Technical Director | Frankie Fang Weizhe

To you, time is a means of redemption; Indeed, it is the biggest obstacle to redemption; Salvation happens just here at this very moment;’

Only by this moment can you make it closer to redemption; The moment you realize that you do not have to seek God, You have already found him.


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