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Roni Chadash

Roni Chadash, 1990, is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher, based in Tel Aviv. Roni’s professional training included one year at Vertigo Dance Training Workshop and one year at the Gaaton Dance Workshop. After her studies, Roni collaborated with various independent choreographers in Israel an abroad, including Satoshi Kudo, Elias Lazaridis, Luis Marrafa, Maya Brinner and Odelya Kuperberg.

In 2015, Roni began her independent artistic path, through the medium of video-dance. Her early video works received great exposure on social media, as well as invitations from video-dance festivals in Israel and abroad including TDFF, Dock11, Dotdotdot and Tanztendenzen. The shift to the stage-world was natural, and the same year Roni created her first solo ‘Ani-Ma’ , which won the prestigious Shades in Dance’ competition award for young choreographers. Since then, Roni has received numerous awards for her creations, performances and activities, and was invited to perform in various international festivals.


The Performace

Image Image


“To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.” Genesis 3:16

A pointless attempt of understanding when I lost my innocence and how my amorphous body transformed into the known and common creature called a woman.

In Hebrew, the word “Goofy” means ‘My body’. I wanted to explore from my point of view, how can I escape from my own identity, being an unidentified body, and going back to an traumatic experience in which the blelonging of MY body was interrupted by another. I realized that by separating the head from the body, I can create a different creature that has a life, image, posture and movement of its own.

Video of Goofy

TIME: 19:30
VENUE: ArtisTree Taikoo Place


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