Curator, Artistic Director, Music Consultant, Sound Designer, Improv Musician, DJ Producer and Sound Healer.

Spiritual Sound, Cinematic Soundscape, Ambient Noise, Minimal Piano, Abstract Electronics… Collaborating and Improvising with countless Musicians, Artists and Dancers/Choreographers (Katie Duck, Kirstie Simson, Mushimaru Fujieda, Motimaru, Black Su Hei, Shin Eunju, SEOP dance company…etc) for over 12 years worldwide experiences.

After practicing with Spiritual Sound Master Nara Yuji in sacred deep forest in Kumano Kodo JAPAN he gets into the path of Sound Healing. Studying from  Masters in RISHIKESH INDIA he’s getting the Nada Yoga Teacher and International Sacred Sound Healer Certification. He’s invited to perform with Singing Bowls, Sacred Gong, Tongue Drum, Shruti Box for Yoga centers, Tibetan Rinpoche and Tangka painting students. With international performing experiences and phenomenal attention to details, he’s highly recommended by professionals including Doctor, Director, Author, Photographer, Choreographer, Art Director, Musician,Tea House Owner, Dancer, Elder Centre Manager, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Master, CEO of Sotheby AUSTRALIA.

By the means of exploring different Art forms especially New Media, Sound & Vibrational Frequency, he’s trying to share the ways to be One & Emptiness, Accept & Let go, Balance & Harmonize with the Flow of Naturality in pure ways.

His omni-disciplinary artists collective project “Project. OA – Orbital Aritual” with Artist Talk, Curator Talk, Workshop, Exhibition and Multi-Media Dance Theatre had been touring in NORWAY, HONG KONG, CHINA & BERLIN. 2018 Summer he’s joining BOOM Festival PORTUGAL and Samsara Festival HUNGARY.


A choreography based on the ancient Guqin score “ShanJuYin” from Song Dynasty; a chant, a song, a poem that expresses the abstract soundscape and landscape of ancient mountain living through various layers of movement, sound, music and visuals, and digs into the deepest reflection of human life and makes you re-think of the modern living style. Guqin is the oldest string instrument in China. According to tradition, Guqin originally had five strings, representing the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The surface board is round to represent heaven and the bottom board flat to represent earth. The length of Guqin is 3chi 6cun 5fen, representing the 365 days of the year.


PERFORMANCE: ShanJuYin – The Chant of Mountain Living

Curator | William Jia, Paul Yip
Performance | Jonathan Hung,
Aodi Zhouyao (Tianyuan Gouxiang Contemporary Dance Group)
Music | Shen Piji (Wutong Mochan)
Visual Artist | Terry Wu (IZEN)
Artistic Director / Music | Paul Yip (IZEN)


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