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Lukasz Zieba, native of Kraków, Poland, is currently based in New York City where he works as a freelance artist. He graduated from L’Art de la Danse Cracow Dance Academy. Lukasz was the winner of the Best Solo Award All Categories at the Dance World Cup in Villach, Austria in 2012. Shortly after he moved to New York to study at The Ailey School on a full scholarship. He took part in Cedar Lake 360 Installation and participated in Springboard Danse Montreal. He later joined Aspen Santa Fe Ballet performing works by Cayetano Soto, Alejandro Cerrudo, Nicolo Fonte, Jorma Elo and Jiri Kylian. He also performed at The Metropolitan Opera in various productions in choreographies by Arthur Pita, Alexei Ratmansky, Susan Stroman and Norbert Vesak. Currently he works with Austin McCormick’s Company XIV.

On the creative side he choreographed on So You Think You Can Dance (Poland), as well as presented his works at Dixon Place, Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, XVII International Chopin and Friends Festival, Richmond Dance Festival and more.


The project, inspired by a book of poetry by a Nobel Prize recipient Wisława Szymborska called ‘Here’, will touch on matters such as the vastness of humanity and the world, invention of the microscope, social and individual isolation in cultures and communities, and happiness. Poems included in the book remind us of a timeless message that we all matter, we all are here together playing the same game of life.

It will be a Solo interpretation of given subject, performed and choreographed by myself. In the project I intend a hands-on collaboration with music composer, whom I haven’t chosen yet. I would like the composer to be involved in the process as much as possible, so his artistic choices are adequate to the production and message as a whole. In early stages of creating choreography I use images, ideas, texts, music or other sources of inspiration to build movement phrases. That allows me to have a meaningful and relatable basket of choreographic pieces which later I compose into a full structure. As much as I believe in the message of the art of dance I also strongly believe in its physicality and athleticism as part of its expression. In later and final stages of the process I focus on dramaturgy and composition, trying to find the most clear way to communicate the chosen message of the piece.

The more I investigate the field of performance art, the more I learn that it is truly about the process. That is what makes an artist better, stronger and more insightful. It is not only about the product, but being able to give in to the journey and being guided by it. If the process is honest and vulnerable, the product will be true and genuine.



Performed by: Sarah Xiao, Sylvie Nardin and Jasmine Chiu

Music | “Beasts & Angels” by Mathew Herbert
“Quiet Piano Music”, “Downtown”, “Misfit Mix 2”, “Outpost”, “Cherub” by Jakub Ciupiński
“Projekt003”, “My Icaros” by Łukasz Zięba
“Our World” by Nicolas Jaar
“Introduction” by Panic! At the Disco
Music Mixing and Editing | Łukasz Zięba

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