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Jasmine is a freelance dancer and collaborator born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver B.C. Now living in London, England, Jasmine was previously based in in New York City where she worked on various projects with Broadway Asia, OUI DANSE, Elisa Monte Dance, and The Francesca Harper Project, among others. Since moving to the U.K., Jasmine has collaborated with visual artist Anthea Hamilton in her 2018 installation at the Tate Britain, ‘The Squash’; avant-garde music artist Livia Rita; as well as choreographers Jann Esterhuizen and Holly Noble. Jasmine is most intrigued by cross-disciplinary collaborations and is in constant research about human relations and connectivity. She graduated 2014 summa cum laude from The Boston Conservatory with a B.F.A. in Contemporary Dance. www.jasminechiu.com


I will be embarking on a solo exploration on the topic of intimacy and the revisitation to physical spaces that allude to our past memories. As a Hong Kong born Canadian I am fascinated by the strangely familiar, dream-like, yet very foreign experience I have every time I visit Hong Kong. The association of past childhood memories sit in a very intimate place with the self, but confronts a mysterious shift when faced with the physical present. As a sort of nomad, having constantly lived away from “homes” and foundations I’ve created throughout my life, I wonder about the creation of intimacy and sustain of this across a distance – with people, with memories, and with the self. How much of our view on a real-time relationship to someone or some place is based on reality, imaginations of the past, or personal abstractions? For this project I am interested in the possible use of film and text and am keen on using the physical city of Hong Kong as research.



Performed by: Jasmine Chiu
Music | “Waltz No. 19 in A Minor”by Frédéric Chopin, played by Natalie Lo
“Sequence I”mixed by James Shirley and Harry Scholes
“an improvisation” by Tommy Boynton

A stranger with a history
Fumbling in familiarity.
In delusions of knowing, of being.
An imposter reliving fiction / trying;
Trying to find stillness,
A returning.

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