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Efrat Galai, is a dancer and performer based in Brussels (BE). Received her dance education in “Ironi Alef” school of fine arts (ISR), “Maslool” training program (ISR). She participated in Bat-Sheva company excellence program during two years (ISR). She had danced and performed the repertoire works of Bat-Sheva company, Barak Marshal, Inbal Pinto, Yasmeen Godder. In 2013 moved to Brussels where she received her P.A.R.T.S. diploma, where she also collaborated with the choreographers Vera Mantero, Mette Ingvartsen, Xavier Le Roi and more.
In 2016 participated in exchange program for artists in Adishakti theater (Pondicerry, India) and studied Kalaripayattu martial art form.
She has worked with theatre director Thomas Ryckewaert and film maker Pieter Van Hees (“Generatie B”).
As a freelance choreographer and performer she continues to create and perform her own work, currently working as part of “Bermudas duo” and collaborating with the artist Adriano Vicente (Portugal).


For my own research I would like to focus on the concept of Dualism in daily life, looking for movement material that is associated with True or false, with an emphasis on physical-social codes of behaviour.

Few of the strategies I would use:
– exploring aspects as distance/proximity relations between one another, trying to blur the boundaries of what is considered permitted or forbidden.

– Improvisation with emphasis on the six senses (touch, smell, hearing, vision, taste, balance-motion) Our senses play a main role in how we experience the world and build our perception. we would revisit each one from a “newborn” point of view and re-question our defaults in perception.

– Using a frame of reference, like in mathematics, to locate and orient the space, with abstract and physical coordination systems, such as time, distance and speed. With that I wish to explore different tasks and manipulate them, come up with a variety of possibilities to relate to each other, work with different textures, sounds and physical qualities for the movement material.



Performed by: Efrat Galai


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