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Andrea Peña is a Colombian, Montreal based, multidisciplinary artist within the fields of choreography and design. Her works are focused on the creation of critical, alternative, performative and spatial universes that question the individual within society, to bring about a consciousness of self within the public and audience. Artistic Director of Andrea Peña & Artists, founded in 2014, the dance company is recognized nationally and internationally, presented locally at DanseDanse x Arsenal Mardi Culturels (CA), Festival Quartiers Danses (CA), Festival Zone Homa (CA), Festival Vue Sur la Releve (CA), Nuit Blanche (CA), Maison de La Culture Villeray (CA), Maison de La Culture Maisonneuve (CA) and abroad at FIDCDMX (MEX), Hong Kong International Choreography Festival-China, AADK (SPAIN), EDANCO Festival (DOMINICAN), and PRISMA Festival (PANAMA). Peña’s work has been commissioned by Montreal’s prestigious Musee des Beaux Arts, Canadian Center for Architecture, Phi Center, Laval Symphony Orchestra, the 375e Anniversary of Montreal, Pro Arte Danse (VAN), Salt Contemporary Dance Company (UTAH) and was selected as emerging choreographer for Montreal’s prestigious Springboard program, 2016. Academically Peña is currently undergoing a Masters in Design at Concordia University starting September 2017, awarded the Dora and Avi Morrow Fellowship for Excellent Achievement in Visual Arts. Peña has been a resident artist at DanseDanse & Arsenal Gallery (2018), Circuit- Est Centre Choreographic Technical Residency (2017), Marie Chouinard (2016-17), Ionion Arts Center (GREECE 2017), HKICAROS- Hong Kong, AADK Centre (2018), Topological Media Lab Concordia (2015), Hexagram Concordia (2015). Peña’s artistic creations are financially funded by the Conseil Des Arts et Lettres Du Quebec and Canada Arts Council.


This proposal extends the choreographic idea for a research and development project during the (HKICAROS), Hong Kong International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability. We are proposing to develop a creation during the residency in collaboration with one dancer/artists from Hong Kong. We are interested in embarking within a cross-cultural collaboration between our team from Montreal and with an artist from Hong Kong, China. The choreographic work will be conceptually grounded in the idea of BOUNDARIES: “the cease of energy between two counter-lying masses”.

What is a boundary? What do a boundaries mean to us as individuals? To as as collaborators? To us as artists from differing cultural backgrounds? Are boundaries conscious, subconscious, physical, geographical, emotional, political, cultural? Do we wish to live with or without boundaries? We are interested in the conceptual and philosophical questioning of boundaries, from our varying individual, artistic and cultural perspectives, as a root of investigation towards a physical choreographic language and conceptual exploration. Boundaries of the body, that explore physical limitations; or conscious boundaries that limit or inspire actions. Boundaries as roots to challenge a physical exploration of space and time, where by a conversation with the physics of the body, the limits, energy are questioned. What is the space between boundaries? How do we perceive a boundary both physically and cognitively? What are boundaries of representation as makers, artists and audiences?



Andrea Pena & Artists
Performed by: Francois Richard (CAN) and KT Heikayau (HK)
Music by: Bobby Leon (CAN)

Untitled I, is a duet which inquisitively expresses the silence, vulnerability and harmonic repetition of the flesh body as a means to question human resilience. Resilience as the capacity of a strained body to recover after deformation, where body and individual surrenders and is transformed by alterations in its experience. Untitled I explores outside of the company’s recognized large ensemble work. Through a delicate focus on two bodies and two individuals, the work aims to challenge previous choreographic approaches of the choreographer.


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